Meet Pong’s New iPad Case

Pong Ipad Case

Meet Pong’s Research New iPad Case The Pong New iPad Leather-like Case is the only case that allows your iPad to work as Apple intended. Compared to other cases, the Pong case: Increases your Wi-Fi reception by up to 77% and your Wi-Fi range by up to 2X Improves signal strength up to 10X and […]

Pong Research iPhone 5 Select Case

Pong iPhone 5 Select Case

iPhone 5 Select Case Home iPhone 5 Select Case Reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation in style. Embedded within the premium two-tone case is Pong’s ultra-thin printed circuit antenna that redirects potentially harmful radiation away from your head and body. More Views Product Description   Pong technology reduces exposure to wireless radiation by up […]

Pong Research iPhone 5 Rugged Case


Pong Research iPhone 5 Rugged Case Home Apple iPhone 5 Rugged Case It doesn’t wear spandex or a cape, but the effect is the same. The iPhone 5 Rugged case protects you and your phone wherever you go by reducing exposure to radiation. Plus, your Pong Rugged case optimises your iPhone’s signal strength and conserves […]

Iphone 5 Classic Soft touch Case

Iphone 5 Classic Soft touch Case

iPhone 5 Classic Soft Touch Case Home iPhone 5 Classic Soft Touch Case Your iPhone 5 is important. But so are you. That’s why we’ve created the iPhone 5 Classic Soft Touch case. Pong is the only case designed to optimise signal strength, conserve battery life and reduce radiation exposure. More Views Product Description A […]